Las Vegas Electrician - DIY

Do-It-Yourself or Call an Electrical Contractor?

These repair issues should always be attended to by a licensed electrician:

  Dimming/Flickering Lights - Lights that dim or flicker indicate a loose/faulty connection that require the expertise of an electrical pro for the fast detection and resolution necessary to prevent damage/fire.

  Outlet Malfunctions - Buzzing and burnt outlets, as well as loose outlets that cannot hold a plug, indicate a very old wiring system in need of attention. Is your home short on outlets, plagued with 2-prong/ungrounded outlets, or frequently tripping breakers? If so, it’s time for an update!

  Repeated Breaker Trips - If redistributing/reducing circuit load does not solve this issue, you likely have a short circuit resulting from dangerously exposed/touching wires, broken wires, a loose connection or a ground fault.

  Humming/Buzzing from Breakers - Humming/buzzing breakers indicate a faulty breaker that is overloaded and cannot trip. Flip it OFF manually, and get a pro out fast to prevent electrical fire.

  Outdated Wiring - Ancient knob-and-tube and unsafely installed aluminum wiring is extremely dangerous. If you skipped the home inspection at purchase and your house is older than your grandparents, you may need a whole home rewiring for safety.

  Insufficient Power Supply - Houses even a few decades old may require a bigger, better wiring system to power the glut of appliances and devices today’s families rely on. 60-amp service is no longer sufficient for modern homes.

  Water Related Issues - Any issues in moisture-prone areas, including problems involving plumbing, should be addressed by a pro.


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