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Electrical Contracting- A Solution or an Additional Problem?

People hire a Las Vegas electrical contractor to have something done that they may not know how to do, or because they do not have the time to do the work themselves.  So, electrical contracting services are being purchased to solve a problem rather than adding a new problem to an existing one.  How do you find which one is best suited for you?  Here are some simple ways to see if an electrical contractor is best for you:
  • Check his license number on the Nevada State Contractors Board webpage
  • Check his credentials on the Better Business Bureau webpage:
  • Call and talk to them.  Does the electrical contractor talk to you or at you?  Are his answers brief and to the point, or are they vague and long?
  • What type of vehicle does he drive?  There have been similarities noticed that if a vehicle that barely works and electrical installation that barely work as well.
  • Does the electrical contractor come recommended by others?  Some electrical contractors have newly formed businesses, but at least see if they can describe in detail how the installation will be carried out.  Being a new electrical contractor does not mean that a contractor is inexperienced.  It may only mean that he is going down a new venture in the electrical field.
  • What is your gut feeling about him?  Did he take notes while you were describing the electrical work that you wanted to have done?  Did he send you a written estimate or did he pressure you at the initial meeting to sign a contract and give a deposit?   Our instincts are usually correct so listen to them and hire only licensed, Las Vegas based electrical contractors.