The Hidden Costs of Renovations & Upgrades

We all enjoy watching shows that take on old, neglected house and step-by-step we watch a transformation to its former beauty.  But, inevitably, there are usually problems that have been hidden for decades that come to light only when the renovation process starts.  Some of these are structural, others have to do with the various systems that were installed, such as HVAC, plumbing or electrical.  When establishing a budget, it is always wise to have funds set aside for the unexpected.  Or some have an aspect of the renovation that can be eliminated and those funds can be transferring to cover an unexpected cost.  Since electrical is usually one of the most expensive trades, and sometimes the trade that well intentioned people have tried to help with (as seen in the picture above), it is always good to have an electrical contractor or licensed electrician, who knows how houses were built in the Las Vegas area, to check your house to see what existing conditions are and potential costs.  Good intentions can cause great problems, but the right electrical contractor or the experienced licensed electrician believes in good installations, not good intentions.  This is where Ellipsis Technical Solutions Inc. can help.  We offer free electrical inspections.  Call us at 201-892-9797 to schedule an appointment.