7 Ways to Find the Best Electrical Contractor

Seven ways to find the best contractor is needed to sort through the numerous choice you may have. We are listing the ways for quick and easy reference.  This is by no means a complete list, but it will give you the upper hand in finding what you are looking for.

  1. Referrals
    1. When someone you know has already hired an electrical contractor, you can now have inside information about his work, punctuality, manners, and how he works with his customers.  This will definitely put you in a pro-active role since you can now compare what you see to what you hear.
  2. Internet Reviews
    1. A good electrical contractor can he a hard find.  So with internet reviews, both on thier own webpages as well as others, you can see trends in what people are saying who have had electrical work performed by a particular electrical contractor.  If you see that half of the reviews are good and the other half is not so good, perhaps it may be a sign to keep looking.  But a word of caution, some people who write reviews have destructive motives.  Some have posted bad reviews for an electrical contractor that never did any work at thier home or business.  They may have been hired by another electrical contractor’s competition to lower someone’s otherwise good reviews and services.
  3. Electrical Contractors License
    1. It is no small feat to obtain a Nevada Electrical Contractors License.  The system has been designed to prevent people with criminal histories from obtaining a license and continue on thier tainted career.  When hiring an electrical contractor with a valid & active electrical license, you have recourse.  If there is a dispute about work that has been performed, or you wish to check into the legitimacy of his license, it is easy to do at the Nevada State Contractors Board’s webpage.
  4. Webpage
    1. A professional webpage that shows a contactor’s license number, business address, several ways to make contact are all good, but not absolute, signs of a superior or even the best electrical contractor for your needs.  If someone is serious about thier business, they will have thier webpage setup for easy contact and ease of accessibility.
  5. Contact Information
    1. The better and best electrical contractors are easy to make contact with.  They will have a business email, a info@ email, cell phone and/or office number, fax number, as well as an old-fashioned address.  If a number of these are missing, then it could be a sign that this electrical contractor is not looking to become, or remain, our neighbor here in the Las Vegas area.
  6. Background Checks
    1.  With the internet, it is easier than ever to see about an electrical contractor’s background.  The best electrical contractors do not have much to hide since they stand by thier work and are willing to make things right, if necessary.  So doing a Google search, a Better Business Bureau look up, the Nevada State Contractors Board license check, as well as the Secretary of State’s business license look up are all extremely helpful with compiling a composite picture of the best electrical contractor for you.
  7. Your Gut Feeling
    1. When you do the preceding steps, you have only done the background work.  Now it is time to make the call, or email, to see about prices, experience and availability.  When you talk with the company representative, is this person a “fast talker” who is pressuring you to commit over the phone or email?  Do they clearly explain what is involved with what type of work you are looking to have done?  Are they willing to make a visit and give you an estimate outline what they do and the price for that work?  Or do they give you a rough idea of the cost and say that they will finalize it when they start the work?  If you start to get a bad feeling about someone, then it is probably  a warning signal that this is not the best electrical for you.

Good intentions can cause great problems, but the right, or even the best electrical contractor or the experienced licensed electrician believes in good installations, not good intentions.  This is where Ellipsis Technical Solutions Inc. can help.  We offer free electrical inspections and estimates.  Call us at 201-892-9797 to schedule an appointment or email us at https://www.ellipsists.com/contact-free-electrical-inspection/