Home Automation, Smart Home, & Green Home – Is There a Difference?

With everything going green, can your home go green as well?  What is the difference between a home being green, smart and home automation?  Simply put, these phrases are interactive with each other.  Here’s how: home automation (the use of electronic devices to monitor heat/cold temperatures, CO2 levels, automatic lighting systems to name a few…) are used to give any home the ability to be “smart” or having the ability to be monitored and adjustable to portions or the entire home to save energy & money automatically and it can be monitored and controlled by a computer, tablet or phone.   A “green” home is a home that uses home automation so that it is “smart” but also has sufficient energy savings that it would be in a special category with the local government and could receive rebates when installed.  “Green” homes also utilize other aspects of construction to save energy: double paned windows, foam insulation on perimeter walls and the underside of the house’s roof, high efficiency appliances, using the earth to cool or warm water and other methods.  The technologies that are available are impressive and numerous to say the least.  So how do you know what works with your budget?
This is where you licensed Las Vegas Electrician or licensed electrical contractor can help.  They know that only those who deal with these devices on a daily basis really know what options are available to anyone at any price point.  They also understand that you are looking for a smart home, not gadgets to put on your wall with a trendy display.   A homeowner is spending money to save money.  With the rapid advancement of technology, price is no longer a deal breaker, it can be a deal maker.
Additionally, NV Energy will come to your house and give you a energy assessment showing how what areas can be improved upon at https://www.nvenergy.com/contact-us.  It could be something as simple as replacing an old water heater or refrigerator, upgrading your air conditioner thermostat, or perhaps there are government incentives that will cover the more expensive aspects such as replacing your windows with new, energy efficient ones. Deal only with authorized people, they will give you straight answers for your straight questions.  If they cannot give you straight answers, then it would be wise to move on to another electrical contractor
The options that are available are more numerous than ever before.  Generally, the typical homeowner does not have the time to spend researching technology that will be outdated in six months.  So refer to the people are licensed, certified, and have the ability to explain your options.  If you would like a free consultation, please feel free to contact us at 201-892-9797.  While we are discussing options, we would also like to give you a free home panel inspection.