How Ceiling Fans Save You Money

Las Vegas has beautiful weather…for 9 months out of the year.  It is the summertime that makes us cringe when we look at our electricity bill since it spikes due to the demand of electricity that is needed to cool our places of residence.
How They Save You Money
It’s important to know how ceiling fans work. Air conditioners will cool the air in your home but the ceiling fan will do something different. It will cool the body by means of circulating the air and this movement of air cools ourselves. So using a ceiling fan only when you are in the room is the best way to use electricity as well as circulate the cooled air from your air conditioner.  So the ceiling fan will evenly distributed the cool from the air conditioner but it will also keep cooling ourselves in the process.
Installing a Ceiling Fans
There are electrical codes that must be abided by when installing a ceiling fan.  This is done to protect people as well as property.  Ceiling fans have a lot of momentum and power and can cause significant bodily damage.  For these reasons alone, please call a licensed Las Vegas Electrician.
With so many options of the market for ceiling fan choices, it is a good practice to purchase the ones that have the Energy Star on the box.  These ceiling fans generally will last longer, be quieter and use less electricity that non-Energy Star rated ceiling fans.
The installation process may look easy on YouTube, but there are factors such as is the junction box that the ceiling fan is mounting to is approved for such as use.  If not, a fan could start to sag from the ceiling and eventually fall.
So, let a licensed Las Vegas electrician do the installation for you since we know the codes and products that will give a one-time, problem free installation.
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