How to Hire the Right Las Vegas Electrician or Electrical Contractor

Electrician or Electrical Contractor our homes are the most personal, and most expensive, possession that we may have.  So when it is necessary to hire an Las Vegas electrician or electrical contractor to bring them into our homes, it is easier now than ever to do some background checks on prospective Las Vegas electricians or electrical contractors.

License, License, License

We cannot stress this point enough.  A license number is a powerful piece of information, both for yourself and the Las Vegas electrician.  For the Las Vegas Electrician, he should have on his person a card showing his status, his picture, license number and a QR code.  Take a picture the QR code, and it should take you to the webpage showing his full credentials.  If it doesn’t, then walk away.

For the licensed electrical contractor, he will also have a card showing his license number, his name and the name of the business that is associated with that license number.  Do not feel bad to ask for that number, because if they have a license number issued by the Nevada State Contractors Board, they will give it to you without hesitation.  Next, go to this link: and type in the license number and they will tell you the rest.  This will prevent numerous problems with unlicensed contractors who give low-ball prices, high promises and have become invisible and unreachable when they get a downpayment from you.

Estimate, Estimate, Estimate

An estimate of what the work is going to entail and ultimately what the work will cost is a necessity. The estimate should be provided to you in writing, whether hard copy or via email. This is a protection to you since you can now compare it to the contract price and see if there are any changes.

An estimate should show you both labor and materials.  Double check with the electrical contractor if there are “processing fees”, “hidden fees” or any fee that is not on the estimate. If there are fees that only show up when asked and are not on the estimate, you may want to consider a different licensed electrical contractor.

Review, Review, Review

Review the paperwork provided to you by the licensed electrical contractor. This will include the estimate, detail the quality of the parts that they are using, the time in which they plan to get the work done, as well as various other details. The paperwork should have the company’s name, logo, business address and Nevada license number on it as verification that the company is legitimate.

Investigate the Business Reputation

The reputation of a licensed electrical contractor is extremely important. Avoid working with an electrician that has a poor reputation.  This can easily be uncovered by looking him up on Google, FaceBook, Instagram and also the Better Business Bureau.  Click on this link to see how a legitimate, superior contractor should look on the BBB’s webpage:  If the business has at least a B+ rating, then you have found a good thing.


A warranty is not automatic, it usually must be asked for.  The warranty is your way of protecting yourself financially in the event that something goes wrong with the electrical work that was just completed for you. If something goes wrong and you have a warranty, the electrician should come back out and make an additional repair at no cost to you.  But, be reasonable with what is covered under the warranty.  Make sure that the bulb in your light is in all the way or make sure that it doesn’t need to be replaced before you call him.  Because if the electrical contractor comes out and has to change a bulb under a “warranty”, you may find yourself paying money for a service call rather than warranty issue.  We all have to do our due diligence prior to making a call.

Vehicles with Business Information

It’s also important to choose a licensed electrical contractor with a vehicle that clearly shows that he has a business and a Nevada State Contractors License.  There are specific laws that dictate how large the letters should be in order to be compliant.  This helps ensure that you are working with a professional company and not someone who is simply working out of the back of their pickup truck or car. It sends a clear signal that the company understands how to be professional and to put your worries at ease by showing up in a vehicle where the company name and license number is clearly identified.