Tips for Security Cameras and New Video Doorbells

With the great invention of a doorbell that can serve as a camera, speaker, recorder & doorbell, this offers protection and convenience whether you are at home or not.  Even if you are in another part of the country, or even another part of the world, if you have WI-FI, then you can monitor areas of your home and communicate as well.  These devices also allow you to link with other doorbells in your neighborhood so that neighbors can alert each other of strangers or even other elements that are in the neighborhood.  These manufacturers are also adding new products that allow for additional cameras to be installed outside of the porch so the entire perimeter of a house can be monitored.  But, know the entire package before you purchase.  For example, the doorbell itself will need to be recharged about every 6 months with the USB cable that is provided by the manufacturer.  Also, since the device uses WI-FI, make sure your password for your WI-FI is changed every few months.  Also, the option to record what is on the video is not an automatic part of this device.  It will usually require a fee so that it will be recorded and retrievable from thier servers.  And lastly, the range in which the device will sense movement is limited, usually about 30 feet.  So if you wish to monitor an area that is larger than than, it may be advisable to consider the use of video cameras which are more powerful then the new video doorbells.  With so may options on the market, how do you know what is best for you and your family?  Ask a qualified, licensed Las Vegas electrician or an electrical contractor who specializes in security (aka CCTV) to describe options and price points that will make a complete installation.