Zinsco Electrical Panels- What You Need To Know

There have been many brand names of electrical panels over the decades. Many have been bought out by larger manufactures and then over the course time, they have gradually phased out the purchased company, thereby eliminating thier competition. But, there have been a few electrical panel manufacturers that have gone out of business due to the dangers that thier panels can trigger. One brand name in particular is Zinsco. Here in the Las Vegas area, it is estimated that there are thousands of these panels that have been installed during the 1970s and 1980s. These electrical panels, like the Federal Pacific electrical panels, have a proven record of having their circuit breakers malfunction and then create an electrical fire. If you notice that your house has this brand name of panel, please call any Las Vegas electrical contractor or Las Vegas electrician to see about having it changed out. There are numerous panels on the market that are safe and will have a life span of about 40 years. This is not a DIY project. Only the trained professionals, Las Vegas electrical contractors or Las Vegas electricians can do an installation that will prevent any good intentions from causing other significant problems. Ellipsis Technical Solutions offers this service and, in addition to this, we also offer a free home panel inspection to confirm the safety of your home panel as well as to give you its current condition.